Mikel Matticoli


I am an engineer, producer and designer with a passion for helping good people and good tech work together. This means I’ve had the opportunity to work on teams and projects of all kinds – bridging the communication gap between both technical and non-technical stakeholders, guiding teams and individuals through engineering problems, productions, and support/operations work, and doing hands-on work myself.

In leadership roles, I prefer to work with and for my team rather than to manage. I trust my colleagues to bring their unique backgrounds and expertise, and I can fill in any gaps on the detail work or step back as needed, always keeping a high-level view of the project to balance innovation with scope and business needs to deliver results on schedule.

I enjoy making things of all kinds – from websites, software, and robots, to crafts and foods. I’ve had the privilege of participating in and coaching competitive robotics for over 8 years, as well as making time for creative projects and household hacks. I find joy in in things created by others too – particularly food, games, and stories, especially when they provide shared experiences with friends and family.